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Olimp Sport Nutrition Vita-min AntiOX Orange 15 tab

«Baker nutrition oficiālais brendu pārstāvis.
Visi produkti ir nopirkti tieši no ražotāja. Mēs garantējam produkta kvalitāti un autentiskumu.»

Olimp Sport Nutrition Vita-min AntiOX Orange 15 tab

Olimp Nutrition
15 tabletes
Porcijas iepakojumā:
Olimp Nutrition
Vitamīni un minerālvielas

- an advanced formula of ingredients with an antioxidant effect
- a professional composition of vitamins and minerals
- a solution for endurance athletes
- safety of quality confirmed by our pharmaceutical plant
- 100% doping-free
- easy to use
- precision of dividing portions
- perfect solubility
- excellent taste 

The by-product of metabolic processes involving oxygen (e.g. aerobic physical effort) is a small amount of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which is maintained at a constant level by extracellular and intracellular antioxidants. In the conditions of stable homeostasis, there is a balance between the quantity of produced and utilised ROS, and is defined as the redox balance (peroxidative - antioxidative). The imbalance between the processes of formation and utilisation of ROS as a result of intense exercise leads to oxidative stress in cells and tissues. 

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