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Frankys Zero Sauces

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Frankys Zero Sauces
Frankys Zero Sauces Frankys Zero Sauces

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Frankys Zero Sauces

425ml ml
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Delicious grill sauces without added fats and sugar. With the traditional taste of the good old time!


What would be tasty, freshly grilled or fried meat without the right sauce? Who could imagine, without a classic barbeque sauce or spicy tomato ketchup in the house to have, only to think about starting the grill? We agree that freshly grilled or freshly roasted meat is just the right sauce with the traditional American flavor of the good old days.


However, unfortunately, practically all classic grills, such as either large amounts of fat and / or large amounts of unnecessary sugar, just think of the good old cocktail or garlic sauce or the good old barbeque sauce and ketchup. Somehow, we find it equally frustrating and ironic when lean fried meat is combined with grilling sauces, which represent true calorie bombs.


Of course, you could simply leave these calorie-rich grills, but for us as a traditional company specializing in the traditional American taste of the good old times, such a renunciation of pleasure and taste was not an option. For this reason, we have created our own grills, free from unnecessary added fats and free from added sugars - the small amounts of sugars which they can use e.g. In our sharp tomato sauce, only represent the naturally occurring sugar in the tomatoes contained.


At only 16 kcal per 100 ml you can now refine your meat without guilt feelings with tasty, spicy grills, which are still as good as in grandmother's times.

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